Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip

Well, I guess this long drive went better than others, but it was much shorter.  We drove from Seattle to Portland on Saturday, then back Sunday.  It's only three hours or so, but really any length hurts my neck.  Trying to prevent massive pain (like last time-- with the vomiting and what not), I used this handy neck pillow from Rick Steves:

To be brief- it did not work.  The pillow looks like it goes all the way around with padding, but there is actually ZERO padding on the back of the neck, where I wanted it most!  In the picture, you can see a big pad on the part of the pillow closest to us, which is basically all the padding the pillow has.  There is a TINY bit of padding on the opposite side, but that basically ends up under your chin.  If anything, I'd say this pillow did more harm than good, as it causes you to twist your neck trying to get comfortable and rest somehow.  Lame.

On the plus side, we stayed at the Hilton, and their pillows are amazing.  Seriously.  I woke up without neck pain for the first time in years.  My mom was clever enough to ask the folks there if there was someplace to buy these glorious pillows, and apparently you can get them at  Of course, they are $70 (includes shipping)...  There really is no getting around paying for quality, is there?

Anyway, I have two other travel pillows to try out before going on a plane for Chicago this Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nociceptors 3

reflection light burning
as the drip and drip drip
the sink drips echo inside
burns at the brain flesh
little hungry creature
clinging to my back
tightly squeezing out
the juices and the thoughts
ascends upward the spine
treppanative talons
drinking in subjectivity
bolder bright is coming
sired into oblivion

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hungry Pain

Post-trigger point injection-ing, I find myself constantly wanting to eat.  The hunter is really more of an extreme pain, but, for some reason, it sometimes manifests as this insatiable hunger.  Really, the best solution to terrible pain, if one just wants it to go away and not worry about any other effect, is to get drunk and sleep it off.  Sleep through the hangover and everything. 

But there is a great nausea that accompanies this hunger.  I grow hungrier as I eat, then lose it all through one form or another.  TMI, I know, but there's the truth of it.

Don't want to do anything but sleep and eat.  Mock my cats' behavior.

Hungry Pain

eating at the fingers
licking up the spilt wonders
biting away at the frontal lobe

strange sort of trepanning
the one long tooth drills
slurps away the brain matter

trying to fill the space
I think and think and think
but the ideas are consumed
helium from a blue balloon