Friday, August 26, 2011

mutated hands

The weird pains in my hand lately make me feel like I'm going to mutate, metamorphosize into something great.  Except that it also reminds me of reading a book where a man cut his hand off as an offering to God.  There is a balance, but karma doesn't work like those scales of justice, blindfolded or not.

The ring finger aches the most.  It is on my left hand.  I will not psychoanalyze the possibilities.  The entire wrist hurts anyway.

It is a strange thing to have hurting hands.  It seems like cracking the knuckles should alleviate it some, but it never does.  Still I do it.  What else is there?

Leaving my hand still, it twitches a bit.  Tiny tremors, nothing much really.  And the fingers turn into a claw, the ring finger bent sticking up higher than the others, the pinky far apart, segmented.

From carpal tunnel, the thumbs, but they are improving from yoga.  I hope that something at class tonight will help my fingers.  They throb as I type.

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